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A. N. Myer has traditionally had a strong Cross Country team, usually sending a team or individuals to OFSAA.  We practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school and Friday mornings.  We compete at 2 invitational meets plus the Zone, SOSSA and OFSAA competitions (you must qualify for levels beyond Zone.)


The Cross Country season runs from the beginning of September to the beginning of November.


The A.N Myer Cross Country Coaches are Mrs. Rodgers & Mr. Kent


Team Results at OFSAA:
In 2010, Myer achieved one of the best results as a team at OFSAA, placing 5th at the all Ontario High School Cross Country Championships. Members of the team were Michelle Molodynia, Rachel Cahill, Skye Nagy, Kassidy Kidd and Aynsley Maves
Individual Results at OFSAA:
Competing against the best runners in the province and in a race with over 270 runners, the AN Myer Cross Country team has produced excellent individual results. The follwing is a list of all A. N. Myer Cross Country OFSAA participants over the past 7 years:

Sr Girl's Division - 72nd Larissa Adamo
                            -134th Kayleigh Bush

Jr Girl's Division- Larissa Adamo - 59th 
Sr Girl's Division- Kayleigh Bush - 87th

Jr. Girl's Division - Kayleigh Bush 

Midget Girl's Division- Kayleigh Bush - 64th 

Jr. Boy's Division - Tyler Thomson - 51st
Jr. Girl's Division - Jacquelyn Spadzinski - 49th

Midget Boy's Division- Tyler Thomson - 83rd 

Senior Girl's Division- Michelle Molodynia - 4th