Safe Schools

It is the policy of the District School Board of Niagara to foster and maintain a safe environment for its students, staff and community through the implementation of effective measures to deal with violence in schools and at school sponsored events. Disciplinary actions shall be based on zero tolerance for acts of violence including such areas as assault, intimidation, abusive language and harassment.
Responses to violent behaviour shall include student interview, parent/guardian contact, suspension, police contact, referral for counselling services, alternate placement and/or expulsion, behaviour remediation, and restitution where applicable.
Parents, students and staff who are victims should be advised of their rights to seek further recourse through the police and other community agencies.
For students 12 years of age or over the following categories of serious violent incidents must be reported to the police:
• possession of weapon (including pen knife or laser light);
• threats of serious physical injury;
• physical assaults causing serious bodily harm;
• sexual assault;
• any hate motivated violence;
• vandalism causing extensive damage to school property.