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Here's an updated Marauder Mindfulness slide deck put together by the SMART Team (thanks so much!). You will see that it outlines a focus for each day of the week, that can be repeated each week. Same as how we exercise for our physical health, these exercises are beneficial for our mental health. Give them a try!
                      Daily Guide for Mindfulness

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Check out the catalogue of the artists' work being displayed HERE

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    OSSTFThe Student Achievement Awards is a writing and creative arts competition which is open to all public secondary school students in Ontario.
    OSSTF/FEESO invites student writers and artists to submit creative work exploring this year’s theme: 
    Kindness is a Renewable Resource

    Both our intermediate and senior winners also won at the District level

    • 1st place and moving on to the Provincial level - Shahad Abdul-Aziz

    • 1st place and moving on to the Provincial level - Arleen Saini


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New Photo APP - UploadIt to our Yearbook!

Use Myer's code: 267133


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PARENTS:    Here's How to Stay Connected

Did you know that you can stay connected on what your child is doing everyday with their online learning? Check out the tips and tricks in this document to stay connected with both in-person and online learning! 

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2019/2020 Athletic Awards

See the coaches' kind words about our athletes ... Messages to Award Winners

217832~Watson 217833~Taylor  217834~Lambert   217835~Fenwick 217843~Hunter-French   217836~Goforth 217837~Hunter 
 217838~Forlin 217840~Piazza   217839~Paramentic 217841~Kononyuk   217842~Sibley 217852~Jackman   217844~Berardi
 217849~Pietrangelo 217850~Zheng   217847~Hilliker 217845~Fenwick   217846~Smith 217848~Wiebe   217851~Hunter-French

AN Myer in the news

Microsoft Office - FREE Student download!




DON'T MISS OUT on any Myer games. Visit the Athletic Calendar in the Athletics Menu for all our games, times and places, or click on the link provided.

• To access this download, you will need to use your Office 365 account. Navigate to

•  Log in using your student email ( "dsbnusername"

•  All students have Office 365 accounts complete with 1TB (yes, that's the equivalent of 1000GB) of OneDrive storage space - a great place to store files if your home drive won't cut it. 

•  Students can install up to 5 copies of Office at home and 5 copies of Office for the iPad from within their Office 365 accounts