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Why take courses in MODERNS?

Why Study Languages?

One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way. 
- Frank Smith

At A.N. Myer, students can study Italian or French, either in the Extended French or in the Core French program.

Another language looks great on a resume.  Research shows that one of the many benefits for language students is that bilingual employees earn, on average, more money than their unilingual counterparts.  Languages open doors to careers in teaching, business, diplomacy, research, translation, interpretation, travel and much more!  Besides opening up more job opportunities, research has shown that being bilingual increases function and performance in a variety of brain regions and strengthens competence in one’s first language, leading to better overall cognitive skills.  

Today, there are over 220 million French speakers in the world and French is an official language in 32 countries.  In Canada, there are over 9.5 million French speakers, which is almost 1/3 of our population. 

Did you know that French teachers are the MOST sought after teachers in Canada?   A recent report noted that 1 out of 3 French language teachers in Ontario secured regular jobs within one year of graduation.  Great news for students who would like to become teachers one day!  

Learning a language is a life skill that provides so many benefits: communication, cultural awareness and understanding, employability, strengthening of first language skills and most of all, fun!  By pursuing second-language learning, you can reap the cognitive, cultural and economic opportunities that bilingualism brings!

Critical Areas of Learning

At A.N. Myer, teachers emphasize oral communication.  Students are encouraged to use the target language (French or Italian) as much as possible when interacting with peers, teachers and guests. Once a solid foundation in oral communication has been established, students can begin to refine their skills in reading and writing.  Emphasis is also placed on cultural awareness and understanding and students partake in cultural activities such as plays, musical performances, outings to restaurants and even cooking lessons.  Students share their enthusiasm with younger students by visiting elementary school French classes.  Myer students participate in a number of annual academic competitions such as the Brock-Niagara French Competition and the Canadian Parents for French Public Speaking Competition.  Myer students have also achieved provincial and national recognition at various French essay and video contests.


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