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Why take courses in SCIENCE?

Here at A.N. Myer Secondary School the science department strives to bring cutting edge technology to the students. In Physics students will use data collection utilities like Vernier and GLX Probes that allow them to feed their data into computers for analysis.
Students will be able to investigate the anatomy of different organisms in Biology through dissection and virtual dissection. Students also get to see the magic of chemistry where they investigate and apply knowledge in their labs viewing the interaction of various elements that make up our world. Science at A.N. Myer is fun and exciting and the teachers in our department are passionate and knowledgable. Myer Science is the place for you

Critical Areas of Learning

The A.N. Myer Science Department offers all levels of science courses for all levels of learners. These course will help the students develop skills in the three major disciplines of science and prepare them for their post secondary pathways whatever they may be.

Our course offerings at the senior level:
University Biology 11 & 12
University Chemistry 11 & 12
University Physics 11 &12
College Biology
College Chemistry
College Physics


For a list of courses offered, visit us on Career Cruising.