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Attendance Expectations and Responsibilities

1. Students who are absent for a full day must have a parent notify the school Attendance Office by 1:00 pm THAT SAME DAY. This process ensures that accurate data is entered into our Attendance Tracking system, and that students may proceed directly to class upon their return to school. Please remember that you are able to call the school the evening before or in the morning prior to office hours and leave a message regarding ;your child’s absence (905-358-5753, ext. 60011).

2. Students who are absent for multiple days need to have a parent call for each and every missed day. Our records must be accurate, and therefore, each day a child misses requires verification. If you know in advance of a series of days to be missed you may inform the attendance office at one time prior to the absence.

3. Students who arrive to school but need to leave MUST SIGN OUT IN THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE. We are liable and accountable for knowing your child’s whereabouts once they have been recorded as ‘present’ in school. In case of school emergency, we may put people at risk looking for your child if we are unaware that they have left the building. Help us by keeping us informed. Any student who leaves without signing out or without prior parent notification will receive a DETENTION. Please understand that communication between child, parent and school is vital. Your child needs to take the responsibility in ensuring effective communication exists between the parent and school.

4. Students who are absent from school without parent notification will be recorded as ‘TRUANT’. A note from a parent will be accepted on the day of their return to school prior to the commencement of the day (before 8:20 am). Students may have to wait in the Attendance Office to see the Vice-Principal. This can often be a very busy time and students may end up missing even more class time. Please ensure that you call the school on the day of absence, prior to 1:00 pm in order to avoid the long line-ups in the Attendance Office in the morning. Phone calls that are made after 1:00 pm on the day of an absence will result in the student waiting to receive an ‘admit slip’ as well.

5. Students who are ‘TRUANT’ will be assigned progressive detentions, suspensions, and may ultimately be removed from a class, or school entirely. All missed assignments and tests will receive a mark of ‘0'. Once detentions are assigned they will not be removed. For example: A note arriving 2 days after the fact will not remove a detention. It may, however, allow for a re-test or make-up assignment depending on the circumstances.
(1 or more of the following may be used)

•warning from teacher
•interview with
•behaviour contract
•work detail
•attendance contract
•controlled timetable
•parental contact
•parental interview
•temporary removal from class
•supervised study
•removal from school teams and/or school activities
•loss of school privileges
•removal from course
•program change
•change of school
•police referral
•suspension from school
•expulsion (by Board only)


1. late to school, late to class, unexcused school absence, unexcused class absence
unacceptable attendance pattern

2. rudeness, insolence, refusal to act, verbal abuse, threats, physical assault

3. disruption of class, mockery,slander, libel threats,intimidation, bullying assault, fighting,

4. littering, vandalism of textbooks,lockers, school premises and equipment theft, unauthorized use of vehicles, vandalism of safety devices, buses, and school premises

5. lack of preparation for class, inappropriate language, behaviour and dress, copying, cheating, plagiarism, cigarette,alcohol,drug use, weapon possession