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English Department

Why take courses in ENGLISH?

Regardless of what your plans may be following graduation from high school, the skills that you will acquire in your English classes will help to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that you will encounter once you leave A.N. Myer.  We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world that demands excellent literacy, communication, and critical thinking skills.  As a student in the English Department you will hone these skills by analyzing works of literature and a variety of informational texts, by learning how to write effectively and to support your position with specific evidence, by engaging in meaningful discussion with your teacher and your peers, and by having the opportunity to use a range of technology in the classroom.

Critical Areas of Learning:

  • Understand that language learning is a necessary, life-enhancing, reflective process
  • Communicate – that is, read, listen, view, speak, write, and represent – effectively and with confidence
  • Make meaningful connections between themselves, what they encounter in texts, and the world around them
  • Think critically
  • Understand that all texts advance a particular point of view that must be recognized, questioned, assessed, and evaluated
  • Appreciate the cultural impact and aesthetic power of texts;
  • Use language to interact and connect with individuals and communities, for personal growth, and for active participation as world citizens.

Important Links:
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Grade 9 & 10

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Grade 11 & 12


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