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Why take courses in TECHNOLOGY?

Learn the tools for success in the skilled trade industry by taking technology courses at A. N. Myer. The skills-focused, hands-on training will help you step into an in-demand career in the skilled trades. All the technology programs are design based on input from professionals in the industry. This means you’re learning the current tools, techniques and technology used in the workforce today.

Critical Areas of Learning

The technology program at A. N. Myer is fast-paced and moving forward . Our high-intensity and industry related programs will equip you with applicable knowledge and strong problem-solving skills. As A. N. Myer graduate, with a technology background, you’ll have more opportunities and more flexibility in a rapidly changing world.

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The Technological education program here at A. N. Myer Secondary encompasses both broad-based technology and computer studies, each involving a unique approach to curriculum content and delivery. Students learn best by doing; therefore, the curriculum takes an activity-based approach to learning that provides students with knowledge, skills and experiences.

The A.N. Myer Secondary School's Technology Department offers five courses: (TTI) Grade 9 Integrated Technology; Grades 10,11, & 12 in (TDJ) Technological Design, (TGJ) Communication Technology, (TCJ) Construction Technology, & (TTJ) Transportation Technology.

For a list of courses offered, visit us on Career Cruising.

DSBN Skills Challenges

Participation in the DSBN Skills Challenges provides students with the opportunity to represent their schools and to test their skills against students from across the district.
This year, Myer Tech students entered in the categories of:
2D Animation, Architectural CAD, Automotive Service, Coding, Construction, and Photography.

Congratulations to our 2021 Medalists!

Gold Medals awarded to:
2D Animation: Hana Cho and Mawuena Agbenya
Carpentry - Individual: Miles Boland

Silver Medals awarded to:
2D Animation: Tyler Lounsbury
Carpentry - Individual: Zack Woodland
Coding: Dan Truong

Bronze Medals awarded to:
Architectural CAD: Sylvia Fedak

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