Mon. March 2nd, there is a special departure time.
The bus leaves at 8 AM. 
Don't be late, because we won't wait!
We will return for approximately 5:30pm

ski club3
Ski Club will begin Jan. 15th.  Here are some instructions:
  • Everyone should bring their equipment in the morning the day of before classes begin to the electrical room left of the front foyer.  You will have access to this room at the end of 4th period.

  • You will then be released at 1:35, pick up the equipment and come to the cafeteria for inspection to ensure you have all travel documents and your helmet. 

  • Your baggage will be inspected for any other types of things that should not be brought over the border.  

  • After you have completed inspection you will go immediately to the bus and we will depart at around 2:00pm.
If you have any questions please email Mr. Marino at [email protected] or see him during the school day.