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School Regulations and School Services

Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance is available at a moderate cost during the first few weeks of the shchool year. This insurance does not cover any accident or medical expenses which could (but may not) be covered by a government medical plan. It is board policy that any student who participates in school sports programs is required to have a form signed by parents, stating he/she has school insurance or satisfactory equivalent insurance. The accident policy is recommended as it covers dental work. If involved in an accident, each student (insured or not) must immediately report to the office. Personal property is not covered by the District School Board of Niagara insurance policies.

Age of Majority
The District School Board of Niagara Policy regarding students who have reached the Age of Majority is as follows: As a condition of enrolment, school policies apply to all students. The onus for advising that the Age of Majority status has been reached, rests with the students, not the school. A student who exercises the Age of Majority status (reports, notes for absences) shall notify the school in writing, notify his/her teachers, and also let his/her parents know that notification has been given to the school. Age of Majority forms are available in the Attendance Office.

Arrival and Departure
Normal school hours are from 8:35am to 2:40pm with a 40 minute lunch period. Classrooms will be opened by 8:20am. A bell at 8:30am signifies that students should proceed to their home rooms. After 2:40pm students are recommended to take part in the various school activities, get extra help from teachers or work in the library. Otherwise students are to leave by 2:45pm. Extra-curricular activities during or after school hours always supervising teacher or if you wish to use school facilities without a supervising teacher, permission must be granted by the Vice-Principal or Principal.

Students may purchase a lunch, bring their own lunch, or supplement their lunch with soup, milk, juice, fruit, etc. from the cafeteria. The south section of the cafeteria may also be used daily for study periods.

Students are required to:
1. Cooperate with supervisory personnel and staff in the cafeteria.
2. Line up in orderly fashion to make purchases.
3. Consume food and beverages in the cafeteria; no throwing of food or beverages.
4. Place all debris in garbage containers; no littering.
5. Share responsibility for keeping the cafeteria clean.
A student who fails to comply with these guidelines will lose cafeteria privileges.

Care of School Property
Every student should be proud of the appearance of the school building, both inside and outside, and must share the responsibility of keeping it in the best possible condition. Careless or willful destruction of school property is a serious offence and offenders are (1) subject to formal suspension and/or (2) liable for damages assessed either by the school and/or by the courts.

From time to time, a student may have to serve a detention as a consequence. It is the duty of the student to report promptly at the time and place designated by an individual teacher or by the school administration. Detentions have priority over any extra-curricular activity. Students are required to bring work with them and to work quietly in the assigned detention area. Missed detentions are considered to be a serious breach of discipline and will be followed up with a suspension from school.

All students shall adhere to reasonable standards of taste in dress and grooming for this place of educational business. The assessment of what is appropriate is decided by the administration. The following guidelines will be used:
• Students are required to wear clean clothing appropriate for an educational institution. Inappropriate dress includes ripped jeans, low slung pants, cut-offs, tank tops, skimpy low slung tops or those exposing a bare midriff, shoulderless tops or those with spaghetti straps, shirts bearing racial, anti-religious, sexual or obscene messages and dangerous accessories such as large-link chains, studs or metal bracelets.
• Students wearing inappropriate dress will be refused entry to classes and will be referred to the office to see the Vice-Principal or Principal.
• Caps, hats or head gear are not to be worn anywhere inside the school. They must be removed prior to entering the school building and stored in the student’s locker.
• Outdoor clothing such as coats, should not be worn to class.
• Appropriate gym attire is required for Physical Education and sports activities. Sport attire is available at a reasonable cost from the Physical Education Department.
• Safety glasses must be worn in classes where machinery is in operation and in laboratories when chemical experiments are conducted. Long hair must be securely fastened out of the way.

Fire Drills
Fire drills will be held during the school year. The exit to be used in the event of fire is posted above the door inside each room. Become familiar with the route and the alternate route from each room in which you have a class. When the fire drill signal (a continuous long ring) sounds, proceed quickly by the proper route from the school. Move well away from the building. Do not return until the ALL-CLEAR Signal (a series of rings of the class change bells) is sounded. The law requires that Fire Extinguishers be placed throughout the school. It is a federal offence to tamper with the extinguishers. Students who fail to heed this warning will be prosecuted by the law.

All school hallways are out-of-bounds while classes are in session. Loitering in the hallways or washrooms during class periods is prohibited. Students with spare periods are asked to use the Library or Cafeteria for study, or to leave the school. Students with spare periods who wish to visit lockers or washrooms should do so at the beginning or end of the period.

Health Services
The school nurse provides a broad range of services for students such as counselling and educational assistance concerning adolescent health issues and is in the building once each week. Announcements are made regularly for this. If for any reason you wish to consult the nurse, please see a secretary in the main office to make an appointment. If you are ill you must not spend the period in the washroom. Report your illness to the attendance or main office.

Library-Resource Centre
The Library-Resource Centre is the school’s resource-based learning centre which accommodates only those students who use it in a meaningful way. Subject to Library rules and the approval of the Librarian, students may:
• Borrow the materials for such periods as the library loan times specify or otherwise incur a fine.
•; Use materials such as CD-ROM Data Bases and the INTERNET in the library to assist in projects, homework and career planning.
• Read the magazines and newspapers provided.
• Use available equipment that has been signed out by a classroom teacher who is responsible for supervision.
• Obtain audio-visual materials such as video tapes from the Board through the classroom teacher.
• Use the photocopy machine.

Each student will be assigned a locker, and must use a DUDLEY combination lock. Locks are available for sale at the office. Other types of locks may not be used. Do not reveal the combination of your lock to anyone else. ALL LOCKS MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE OFFICE. Students cannot be reimbursed for goods stolen from lockers. All lockers are the property of the District School Board of Niagara. Damaged lockers must be reported to the office as soon as possible.

Lost and Found
Losses, thefts and found articles should be reported to the office immediately. Do not leave sums of money or valuables in your locker or in the physical education change room. We recommend that valuables such as calculators and money be left in the office for safe keeping. Enquire at the Attendance Office for lost articles.

a) Vehicles
All student vehicles must be parked in the area allocated for student parking; i.e. the south half of the parking lot with access from Huggins
Street only. Parking is provided as a convenience and this privilege is subject to the following regulations:

•The Staff Parking lot is out-of-bounds to students at all times, unless going to or from physical education classes.
•The vehicle must be registered at the school office.
Speed must not exceed 10 km/hr.
•School exits, fire lanes and driveways must be left completely clear.
•Vehicles must remain out-of-bounds to all students during the entire school day. Loitering around or sitting in vehicles during school hours is not permitted.
•Vehicles must be operated in such a manner so as not to disturb others.
•Student vehicles must not be parked in numbered reserved spaces at any time.

b) Bicycles
All bicycles must be locked to prevent theft. Bicycles are left on school property at your own risk.

The School and D.S.B.N. accepts NO LIABILITY for damages which may be caused to bicycles or vehicles parked on school property. Nevertheless, damages to your property (accidental or intentional) should be reported to school authorities immediately; also, to the police and to your insurance company where warranted. Signs are posted prohibiting parking in certain areas.

Radios, CD, Cell Phones and other Electronic Equipment
During the school day the use of cell phones and electronic devices is restricted.
*All cell phones and electronic devices must be powered off and secured out of sight, except where advance approval has been sought by the principal
*The privacy, dignity and safety of others must be maintained through the appropriate use of cell phones and electronic devices
*The instructional opportunities for all students must be protected.

Roller blades/Skateboards
Skateboards and roller blades are never to be used in the school and because of the ongoing movement in parking lots, they are not permitted in any area utilized by cars.

School Buses
Students who qualify will be provided transportation. You are reminded that riding the school bus is a privilege which will be withdrawn for misbehaviour. Students are expected to behave as they would if they were in school. The driver is in charge of the bus, and may assign students seats.

Sent from Class
If a teacher sends you from class, you must report promptly to the Attendance Office, inform a secretary why you were sent to the office and fill out a “Breach of Discipline Report”. The Vice-Principal or Principal will deal with the issue on the basis of the information and evidence provided by both the teacher and the student.

Student ID Card
A student card will be issued to the student upon payment of an activity fee. The card entitles the student to attend school dances and other school activities. A school yearbook is included with the activity fee. If your card is lost, a replacement must be purchased in the Main Office.

A student may be formally suspended from the school from one to twenty days per event, for extreme negative behaviour or a repeated problem (lates, skipping, etc.). If a student is suspended, parents will be contacted as soon as possible. A formal suspension notice will be mailed to the home along with copies being sent to Board personnel.
During the suspension, students are not allowed on to school property. If the suspension is longer than 5 days, school work will be made available for pick up to assist in keeping up with course work.

Textbooks are provided by the District School Board of Niagara. These books are on loan and students are responsible for loss or unnecessary damage. A student book deposit is collected at registration and will be applied to any books owing after the student leaves. The book deposit may be carried forward and applied upon entry into a new grade. In the event of loss or damage, students are required to pay for the book issued to them.

Out-Calls: Students may use the public telephones located in the hallway outside the office and in the hallway opposite Gym C.
In-Calls: The office will accept calls for students only in emergencies.

All visitors or guests to the school must register at the main office. Those persons having a legitimate reason for being in the school may be granted visiting privileges at the discretion of the Principal.