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1. Respect for Authority

Respect for authority is required on the job and in society at large. The teachers, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff and bus drivers deserve courtesy, consideration and respect.

2. Respect for Peers

One way to gain self-esteem is to show esteem for others. School staff are available to assist students who cause or suffer from conflict with their peers.

3. Respect for Property

Schools should be treated with respect at all times. The cost of maintaining school buildings and restoring vandalized equipment is borne by the taxpayer – your parents and neighbours. School pride and reputation suffer from property abuse.

4. Respect for Self

Self-respect is impossible unless students first respect other people’s authority and property. Students will always be treated with dignity and respect, but more significantly they must treat themselves and others appropriately.

5. Regular Attendance and Punctuality

The habit of regular attendance and punctuality not only provides a basis of school success but also helps to prepare the student for the world of work. Teachers and other students are inconvenienced by misbehaviour in this area. The Education Act outlines that the only legitimate reason for missing school is medical. Therefore if a student is away due to a vacation or any other unauthorized reason, teachers will not be required to provide extra assistance or make up tests. Missed tests and assignments will be assigned a zero.