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Dances and School Functions

Individual teachers, or the school administration cannot assume any sponsorship or responsibility for parties or dances held outside the school. It is an offence to attend any school dance or school function in possession of or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any offender will be suspended and will be removed from all further student activities.


Dance Regulations

  • All Myer students MUST bring their student cards to all dances. Students without cards will NOT be admitted.
  • Only Myer students are permitted at the dance - no sign-ins!
  • Students leaving the dance will not be allowed to re-enter.
  • The academic wing of the school is OUT OF BOUNDS to all students at all times.
  • Smoking is NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the property.
  • Refreshments may be consumed only in the entrance foyer.
  • All bags, backpacks, jackets and windbreakers will be checked. 
  • At dances, only soft soled shoes and socks are allowed in the gym.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and orderly fashion at all times during a dance. Dress code is the same as a regular school day. No hats, inappropriate tops, etc. Staff reserve the right to send home any student for not adhering to the above expectations.