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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students Rights and Responsibilities

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) recognizes the rights and responsibilities of all students in accordance with the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Human Rights Code of the Province of Ontario, the Education Act and policies of the DSBN.
The DSBN recognizes the goals of education as outlined by the Ministry of Education and interpreted in the planner.  Within the goals there is recognition for the establishment and enforcement of a code of behaviour.
In order to achieve their maximum potential students have the right to:             

  • Learn in a safe, undisturbed, positive environment
  • Be accepted as a valued individual, treated with respect, dignity and fairness
    Failure to display responsibility will lead to a consequence(s).

Safe Schools
As a parent, your child’s safety and well being is important to you.  At the DSBN, we firmly believe that a safe environment is essential for students to succeed.
In June 2007, the provincial government passed Bill 212, the Education Amendment Act, (Progressive Discipline and School Safety).  Its provisions took effect on February 1, 2008. 
To fulfill the obligations of the Act, and further its commitment to student success, the DSBN has also launched the R.I.S.E. (Reducing Incidences of Suspensions and Expulsions), program.  R.I.S.E. provides educational structure and supervision to youth that are suspended or expelled from DSBN schools, ensuring that they have the opportunity to continue their education.

The following are highlights’ of the policies and practices required by the legislation, several are already DSBN policy:

  1. Bullying is a behaviour for which students can be suspended
  2. Students who are suspended or expelled will have the opportunity to continue learning
  3. Homework packages will be made available to students who are suspended for five days
  4. Students suspended for a period of six days or more are eligible to enter the R.I.S.E. program and/or continue to receive homework packages
  5. Parents meet with the Principal and school staff to complete an Action Plan to ensure the student’s success
  6. Activities that negatively impact the school environment, such as inappropriate online behaviour, including cyber-bullying, may result in a suspension or expulsion.A student may face discipline even if the inappropriate behaviour does not occur on school grounds, school sanctioned trips, or during school hours.

Canine Searches
In common with the other schools in Niagara, and as part of our Safe Schools Policy, searches may be carried out by school authorities with the assistance of the Canine Unit, at the direction of school authorities when there are reasonable grounds to suspect a breach of a school rule.
The Principal has the authority under the Ontario Education Act to conduct searches which are reasonably related to the maintenance of order and discipline in the school.  The search may be conducted by the Principal, Vice-Principal, or designated teaching staff.  Charges may be laid by the police as a result of these searches and students may be disciplined in accordance with the Education Act.  Any drugs or drug paraphernalia that are found as a result of these searches are turned over to the Niagara Regional Police.   We appreciate the support of our parents/guardians in our efforts to maintain a safe school environment.

The Tobacco Control Act – Know the law. Protect yourself
The Tobacco Enforcement Act (1994) prohibits smoking in the school or anywhere on school grounds. Smoking or holding a lit cigarette anywhere on school property is against the law. This includes sitting in a vehicle while on school property. For persons 16 years of age and over, there is a minimum fine of $305 for anyone violating this law, while persons under the age of 16 must attend court with a parent or guardian.

 Selling, supplying or sharing cigarettes with anyone under 19 can result in a minimum fine of $365 this law applies to:

 everyone, anytime, anywhere
The Smoke-Free Ontario Amendment Act (2006) prohibits a driver or a passenger smoking in a motor vehicle while someone else under the age of 16 is present. Committing this offence on school property can result in a fine of up to $250.

The first offence witnessed by anyone, including school staff or Tobacco Enforcement Officers will result in a fine or summons to Court. No Warnings!!

For local information please contat the Niagara Region Tobacco Hotline at 1-888-505-8074 ext 7393


  1. Respect for Authority – teachers, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff and bus drivers deserve courtesy, consideration and respect
  2. Respect for Peers – school staff is available to assist students who suffer from conflict with their peers
  3. Respect for Property – school pride and reputation suffer from property abuse
  4. Respect for Self – students must treat themselves with respect, so they can be given the same treatment
  5. Regular Attendance and Punctuality – the Education

    Act outlines the only legitimate reason for missing     school is medical

  6. Alcohol and Drugs – the use or possession of alcohol

    or illicit drugs on school property are prohibited at anytime by the DSBN.  Any student under the influence will be suspended from school and other consequences may apply

  7. Tobacco – the use of tobacco is not permitted anywhere on DSBN property, including the parking lot, sports fields, driveways and courtyards.Possession of tobacco by any student under the age of 19 could result in a fine enforced by the local Tobacco Enforcement Officer of the Ministry of Health.A school suspension can also be enforced for tobacco use.